Allow me to Introduce Myself…The Canadian Tuxedo


Ok the cat’s out of the bag, I’m Canadian.  I’ve been living in New York for about seven years now (yikes!) and  even though I love to hate, I’m reaching the point where I’m not sure if I can function as a human any place else.  Just a heads up, because my Canadian-ness tends to leak out every once in a while and I wholly embrace it – Just like I’m embracing the Canadian tuxedo and proudly exhibiting it at my first stop, an art gallery called CANADA (ahhh, I crack myself up).











Gallery #1: CANADA New York / Artist: Katherine Bernhardt / Show Title: “Stupid, Crazy, Ridiculous, Funny Patterns” / Gallery #2: Jack Hanley Gallery / Artist: Margaret Lee / Show Title: “closer to right than wrong/ closer to wrong than right” / WEARING / Jeans: Madewell / Shirt: JCrew/ Shoes: Shoemint / Bag: Baggu / Jacket: Theory / Sweater: (the tag fell off and i forget… from a boutique in Chicago)

4 thoughts on “Allow me to Introduce Myself…The Canadian Tuxedo

  1. So cool! Love your outfit too – at first I thought those shoes were Celine. 😉 do you feel more like a New Yorker now or still like a Canadian? I was born in London, but after living in NY for about 12 years now I feel more like a New Yorker.

    • You know, when I lived in Toronto I felt like I knew everything there was to know. Now, when I visit, there are entire NEIGHBORHOODS that I’ve never heard of! It’s a great city that is changing and growing all the time, there is always something new to discover and I love that. But, that being said, I can sometimes feel like a tourist in my hometown.. I haven’t technically lived there for over 10 years since I moved away to university. As for the boots – I got them as soon as I saw them on shoemint!

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