Art Fairs (pt 4) – Wrapping Up



Are you sick of the fairs yet? You shouldn’t be because I have some eye candy for you from two more – I found some amazing things and some absurd things and some amazingly absurd things. Also, I lied, not both are exactly “art fairs” but they both happen/open during Armory Arts Week.

The first is called the Independent Art Fair; this one is (you guessed it) the one that is actually a straight up fair.  Independent is definitely one of the cooler and more exciting fairs as their model was to stay true to that of the gallery; their press release said that they want the fair to “reflect spatial and curatorial concerns of the galleries and institutions”.  Independent has no actual booths or small rooms and they usually only have odd shaped walls scattered throughout the space to hang work.  The fair started out seeming like an experimental exhibition space that happened to sell the work but now it’s basically just getting clumped in with all the other fairs going on during the week.  To push itself further into that pile, admission this year is $20 when it used to be free.

The second show is “The Last Brucennial”, the final show of this kind for artist collective Bruce High Quality Foundation.  This is the group’s answer to the Whitney Biennial and other really established and highly regarded events.  They always have a really interesting mix of artists, all at different points in their careers and the walls (and floors) are jam packed with things to see – basically the opposite of the events they are playing off of.  This year’s Brucennial takes place in the meatpacking district and features only women artists.

Independent Art Fair









The Last Brucennial 








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