I Want You On My Wall – Allison Schulnik

Detail of Sailor with Mother Cat by Allison Schulnik

Yes… again.  Anyone that has ever met me knows that my obsession with these pieces runs deep.  When I was working at Mike Weiss Gallery we put on her first New York solo show and I have to say it was one of my favorites – Allison knows who she is and what she wants and it was evident throughout the exhibition.  I don’t have any regrets per se in my short life but I’m pretty sure I’m traumatized by the fact that I had a chance to have one of these amazing works (and not a little tiny one) years ago but turned it down because at the time it was probably not the most responsible thing to do.  I’m ashamed of the things I would do to get a piece like that for the same price today. Someday… SOMEDAY I’ll have one (even if it’s tiny – I’m fine with that now).

Allison Schulnik is a Los Angeles based artist with a special knack for luring people into the eerie and sad yet beautiful worlds she creates. The characters are all somewhat familiar, developing a sense of compassion and understanding in the viewer yet there is a palpable sense of discomfort and gloom that hangs in the atmosphere. I once heard someone in a gallery say that it felt as if her subjects had a sense of self-awareness and knew they were being carefully studied by visitors to the show.

Having graduated from Cal Arts in Experimental Animation, she makes short films part of her oeuvre.  The clay-animation has the same feeling as her heavy impasto paintings both aesthetically and emotionally. Click HERE  for a link to her films – you will want to watch these with the volume on… you can thank me later.

Cat Detail of Sailor with Mother Cat by Allison Schulnik  Dempster Allison Schulnik Detail of CemeteryBoo 1 Allison Schulnik Detail of ManWithCats Allison Schulnik Detail of Mermaids with Crab by Allison Schulnik Detail of Performancev3 by Allison SchulnikHobo_WithBird Allison Schulnik  Detail of The Funeral Party by Allison Schulnik  HoboCatFamily Allison Schulnik HoboClown Allison Schulnik Hydrangea Allison Schulnik Mermaids with Crab by Allison Schulnik October_Flowers Allison Schulnik PinkShells1 Allison Schulnik Sailor With Mother Cat by Allison Schulnik Sebastian Allison Schulnik The Funeral Party by Allison Schulnik Two_Clowns Allison Schulnik

Film Stills

Forest still 1 Forest still 2 Forest still 3 Hobo Clown still 1 Hobo Clown still 3 MOUND_Still01 MOUND_Still08
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