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Understanding International Art Markets and Management

Edited by: Iain Robertson

Not going to lie, this was given to me as a textbook in one of my classes in grad school at NYU.  The book looks at art as a commodity and covers the economic and management factors that drive the market.  The book is structured with various chapters, each covering a different topic and each written by a different author. Unlike the $12 Million Dollar Stuffed Shark, this book is strictly business and while I suppose it really does read like a textbook, the contents and facts are so interesting that I actually read the entire thing.


Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating

Edited by: Jens Hoffman

I found this book at Printed Matter and began reading it on the subway home that day. I read every chapter but just not in order as I started with the questions that seemed most interesting to me.  The book is actually a series of essays that provide in depth discussions to ten essential questions (that of course, cannot really be definitively answered) by critiquing current modes of thinking as well as drawing upon other publications.  The essays, each written by a different curator, first appeared between September 2010 and the summer of 2012 in ten booklets released on a bimonthly or quarterly basis by Mousse Magazine.


The Curator’s Egg

Karsten Schubert

This surprisingly interesting book discusses the evolution of the concept of the museum from the opening of the Louvre to the mid 20th century.  The author, Karsten Schubert is an art dealer, publisher and, of course, writer.  She puts an emphasis on the architecture of the buildings themselves, giving the reader a lot of interesting detail and delving deeper into questions with ever changing answers that anyone who has studied this kind of thing or worked in the field has at one point or another, touched upon.  There is also a strong focus on The Museum of Modern Art here in New York, which of course I have a soft spot for and really enjoyed.


Marcel Duchamp – The Afternoon Interviews

Calvin Tomkins

In 1959 Calvin Tomkins, who knew nothing about art, was sent out to interview Marcel Duchamp for Newsweek.  The piece ran, as did another profile Tomkins wrote for the New Yorker and the writer and artist became friends.  This book is a collection of interviews Calvin Tomkins did of Marcel Duchamp in his apartment in New York City, never before having been edited and made public. This is an incredibly fast and curious read as the reader really sees artist Marcel Duchamp from a different angle and is made to reflect on his pieces as they get to know the artist (who we all knew must have been an awesome guy but reading his answers to the questions asked just confirms it).

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