The Surreal City – Dubai

Burj Khalifa Dubai via

Whenever my husband and I travel, we like to make the most of our time away by seeing as many new places as we can and making every second of every day count (until we actually just run ourselves ragged and stop caring). Leaving Africa was sad but I was excited for what lay ahead, like our stop in amazing Dubai.  The city was everything I had imagined it to be, luxurious, opulent, shiny and over the top. Everything just makes so much sense, it is organized and pristine. The malls are more than just shopping (although they have every store you can think of … literally) they have activities and basically every restaurant known to man. I felt very safe the entire time and things like transportation are all very reasonably priced – for just a bit more than a regular cab you can take a Lexus taxi and for a bit more than economy, you can ride first class on the subway (hahaha).

The Conrad Hotel Dubai via

The massive lobby in the Conrad Hotel

Bloomingdale's at The Dubai Mall via

Bloomingdale’s Dubai – large and in charge

Aquarium at The Dubai Mall via

The aquarium at the Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall via

dinosaur bones at The Dubai Mall via

The Dubai Mall via

New Gold Souk Dubai via

New Gold Souk Dubai via

I asked the hotel about what to wear and it turns out tank tops are ok as long as it’s not a spaghetti strap but shorts and skirts should go to the knee. I love this light and airy dress from Zara, it was perfect for walking around all day and sort of flows when I step (I actually left it hanging in the closet at the hotel but the Conrad shipped it back to me super fast!!)

New Gold Souk Dubai via

New Gold Souk Dubai via

Laduree Dubai - Via

Mall of the Emirates Dubai via

Indoor skiing at the Mall of the Emirates!

Fountain at The Dubai Mall via



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