What to Pick Up on Your Next Trip Abroad

what to buy on your next trip via youmademelikeyou.com


1- Berocca – Sort of like a fruity Alka Seltzer packed with vitamins that give you energy, make you sharp and help you sleep better.  Helps with hangovers (trust me, I’ve tried) and the energy boost is helping me get through a life without caffeine (don’t ask). You can get it here in the US but from what I’ve read online, the formula is different and other countries have Berocca with other properties like anti-stress that you definitely can’t buy here.

2- Bioderma – An AMAZING facial cleanser that doesn’t use water so you can give your skin a break from rinsing.  I read a lot about it and spoke to someone in a Swiss pharmacy  before deciding that I needed the most gigantic bottle they had.  I’m glad I got it, the closest place to buy it around here is… Canada.

3 – Homeoplasmine – So yes, this is an old school European ointment for skin irritations and scratches etc. BUT for some reason, it is the best thing that ever happened to your lips.  A lot of makeup artists swear by it and use it before applying lipstick or just on its own.  When you put some on and swirl it around, the dead skin disappears and leaves you with soft, shiny, rosy lips – seriously UHmazing.

4 – Nuxe Paris Skincare – Pharmacies in Europe get the latest products from this amazing line before other parts of the world so stop in and see what’s new.  European stores will also have the entire line (lots of different categories) and can advise on what products are best for you.  Nuxe is getting harder and harder to find here (Space NK Apothecaries stopped carrying all but the Huile Prodigieuse), better to go straight to the source.

5 – Passiflorine – My whole family swears by this so I stock up when I go to Mexico (although I’ve heard that it is popular in Spain as well).  It is sold at all pharmacies and grocery stores in pill form as well as a syrup (which I prefer).  Passiflorine is a natural herbal remedy that is supposed to calm your nerves and give you an overall sense of well being.  Maybe it’s all in my head but it seems to work, definitely helps me sleep like a baby.

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