What’s in My Carry-On

in my carry on bag - www.youmademelikeyou.com

BAG (Cappio, Buenos Aires) – Huge, squishy, versatile.  Fits anything and everything I need for the plane and after.  Goes with just about anything so it’s the perfect bag to carry while exploring a city – it is also comfortable and light  so it won’t slow you down.

EYE MASK (Tumi) – I got this in a United airlines amenity kit and was reluctant to use it at first but the mask is GENIUS. Sure, they turn off the cabin lights but it is still far from dark on a plane, especially if you are in an aisle seat.  I was afraid of how my hair would look after and not only was it not messed up, but the double straps held it all in place while I slept.

SOCKS – I always change into comfy socks on a flight after the meal is served, when it’s time to settle into your seat and get some sleep.  Keeps me warm and there is a lot more potential for getting comfy and twisting into weird poses to sleep without shoes.

SCARF (Zara) – I take this with me basically everywhere I go.  It squishes up really tiny and folds out huge.  I’ve used it as a blanket, pillow, shawl and even once to carry extra stuff like a hobo. It also looks great so it stays in my bag while out and about exploring.

In my carry on bag - www.youmademelikeyou.com

FACE MIST (Caudalie) – It gets freakishly dry on planes so a quick spray of this face mist will help keep moisture in your skin and will give you a nice glow when it’s finally time to get off the flight.

HAND CREAM (Malin+Goetz) – I feel like I have to moisturize my hands several times during a flight, especially after washing them.  I have a few samples of really good hand cream and just grab one when I’m packing my carry on.  I always use up the whole thing.

FRAGRANCE OIL (1509) – A friend of mine got me hooked on this stuff, I feel like I can never wear enough and just want to smell it all the time.  It’s an oil so it goes on really nicely and just becomes a part of your skin – the scent will eventually take over everything you own, which is amazing. The smell helps me feel like a whole person when I’m trapped in a flying tin can for more than 10 hours.

LIP BALM (Dior) – Again, planes are DRY.  This balm smells amazing and is great so I don’t have to apply a million times.

TECH – Kindle for books, Ipad for magazines, phone for phone stuff

PEN– It’s likely you will have to fill out some sort of entry form for whatever country you’re flying to, it is a lot faster to have your own pen.

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