Simple Delights

Housing Works Bookstore NYC, via

Housing Works Bookstore NYC, via

The Housing Works Bookstore in Soho never lets me down. It’s the perfect place to go when I’m in the mood to see cool shit but don’t quite know what I’m looking for. I always find something unexpected and it’s funny how there are so many things there I never even knew I needed but somehow, we always find each other.  My latest haul was pretty small but hey, quality over quantity and this stuff was way more high quality than I thought. Well, the book I picked up because I had never seen this cover – it’s the version with a little drawing of a woman that Bukowski supposedly did himself.  After that, I was so excited to find the Moomin notecard set and when I went to pay for my stuff, the girl at the cash register flipped out because she didn’t see it first but I told her tough tacos and then we laughed and talked about how much we also love The Little Mole. I didn’t really know what to expect since they priced the Moomin notecards so reasonably but after I opened it, I realized that they also had no idea what treasures lay within.

Laduree Soho, New York, via

Laduree Soho, New York, via

There’s nothing quite like lunch at Ladurée in Soho; I’m pretty much obsessed with the beautiful restaurant and beautiful food. I have to confess, I’ve never actually been to Ladurée in Paris… the line (at all of them) is always way too long and when I’m in Paris, every minute is precious, there is no time to waste. From what I’ve heard, the experience at the Soho location is pretty authentic and even the servers are transplants from France.

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