3 x 1 – My New Favorite Jeans

3 x 1 denim, made in New York via youmademelikeyou.com

3 x 1 Denim, Soho New York

3 x 1 Denim, Soho New York

3 x 1 denim, made in New York via youmademelikeyou.com

I have lots of jeans. Not only do I have a bunch hanging in my closet, but I have an entire armoire basically stacked top to bottom with denim. Of course, like everyone else, I have a few pairs that are in my day-to-day rotation and are very close to my heart and others that require a little more thought to style,  a specific season, or special mood. Lately, my blue and black Madewell jeans have been making a lot of appearances, as well as a grey pair of Paper Denims that I just recently re-discovered. Then, there is an almost mythical pair of pants that I got online by guessing at the size and happened to fit me more perfectly than any other pair in my entire life. They are a pair of skinny, coated, mid-rise jeans from Earnest Sewn and if I had known that the company would soon disappear, I would have bought a pair just like that in every color.

Enter 3 x 1, my new favorite jeans. I’m going to be honest, I got these pants at Aritzia (even though they’re not featured on their website) and had never heard of the brand until I went jean-crazy that fateful day. The perfect fit, cut etc. brought a tear to my eye so I got two pairs – a mid-rise and a high-rise.

Turns out, the pants are made right here in New York at the 3 x 1  Soho factory/boutique  (pictured above) – they have ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE types of denim in-stock, ready to make you your perfect pair of jeans. Of course, they have ready-to-wear, but the company prides itself on being a one stop denim shop providing custom/bespoke services as well. What I found magical, however, is that Scott Morrison, the founder of 3 x 1, also founded Paper Denim & Cloth AND… get ready… Earnest Sewn!! This man is truly the denim whisperer, check out Racked NY’s interview with him HERE.


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