Let’s Go to Abu Dhabi

DSC_0555 copy

DSC_0556 copy

While I definitely don’t flatter myself, I hope that at least a couple of you noticed that I haven’t posted in weeks.  Every single time I go away I tell myself that I’m going to post in the evenings and stay up to date but the truth is that I’m SO exhausted by the end of every day that all I can do is sleep – especially this time with the time changes that come from flying east all the way around the world. For realz.

Anyway, I’m back in NY (for a week at least) and I’m excited to show you what I’ve been up to. Although our first stop was in Abu Dhabi,  they say it’s not about the destination but about the journey and this time, I fully agreed. I should have gotten more sleep on the plane but we had too much champagne to drink and caviar to eat and showers to take (hehehe airplane shower). Also, I had to re-watch The Babadook because I like to torture myself and got super into a movie about camels in Australia.

Oh, and my Instagram will be back up to speed now – I may or may not have left my phone on a plane in Hong Kong but I took a big step today and re-joined the world.


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