Then We Arrived in Singapore… and it Was Glorious

Fairmont Hotel Singapore via

Fairmont Hotel Singapore via

Marina Bay Sands Singapore via

Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay Singapore via

Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay Singapore via

Super Trees at Gardens by the Bay Singapore via

My first impression of Singapore, upon first setting foot outside the airport, was that it was hot. I was outside for probably less than two minutes before jumping into an air conditioned car, but had managed to basically melt into a little puddle. I forgot about it a few seconds later, pulling out onto the beautiful, flower lined street and seeing the ocean and all the incredible buildings that seemed to unite modern architecture and nature.

We were exhausted from a not-long-enough sleep on the overnight flight over, but after speaking with the extremely helpful staff at the Fairmont Hotel Singapore‘s executive lounge (and after a couple of cocktails) we decided we had no time to lose and headed out for an absolutely unbelievable evening at Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. Of course, I had done a little googling beforehand so I knew this stuff was all going to be really cool… but I didn’t know it was going to be THIS cool. Gardens by the Bay is a strange idea – artificial trees in a natural setting and natural plants in an artificial dome – but it was breathtaking. The scale was just unreal and everything, down to every last bloom, was perfect. We were even laughing along with other tourists about how into the “super tree” light show we got… they had me at The Lion King.

Of course, shopping at the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands didn’t hurt either. Basically, it is a beautiful, high end mall with a lazy river and gondola rides (inside) as well as a skating rink. I discovered TWG Tea and the Louis Vuitton store with its own island.


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