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Arab Quarter Singapore via

Arab Quarter Singapore via

Singapore via

Arab Quarter Singapore via

Little India Singapore via

Little India Singapore via

Little India Singapore via

Singapore via

China Town Singapore via

Marina Bay Sands Singapore via

Lion Singapore via

I haven’t been able to stop raving about Singapore since I’ve been back. Aside from being beautiful, everything about it fascinates me – from the government to the laws to the mix of cultures that make up this city-state with four official languages. Walking around and exploring the various neighborhoods felt like taking several small trips all in one day. Also, running around to so many spots with limited time is no joke, especially in that heat.

We started with the Arab Quarter and had an amazing time walking through all the textile stores and seeing all the beautiful and colorful fabrics (I have yet to figure out what I’m going to do with everything I bought). Following a recommendation from the concierge at our hotel, I went to find the tiny, but amazing JR Fragrance House to buy perfume. I had made my way to the one the Louis Vuitton travel guide recommended, but not only was the sales person not nice, everything there smelled just a little bit generic and way too musky for my taste. The woman at JR was so nice and very helpful, telling us everything she knew about every blend and letting us take our time to decide what to get. All I can say is that I should have gotten more – even though my tiny container will last a while I’m definitely going to be sad when its all gone.

Next, we made our way through little India where we got lured into a lovely shop by the bright colors but stayed because of an ice cold bottle of water I got from the owner. The flower garlands were amazing and I wanted to buy one in every color but they wouldn’t have even made it back to my hotel room in that heat.

By night, hitting the Maxwell Road Hawker Center for some food was a lot of fun, cheap and delicious – also a great time to wander around China Town for extra snacks and Chotchkies. A nice walk led us over to the pubs by the Fullerton Hotel at the Singapore River and then ended the night with a visit to the Merlion by the water.

Lots of walking in the heat calls for comfortable shoes and breezy clothes – don’t forget the sunscreen! (click the links below to shop)

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