A Minute for Mexico

Isla Mujeres Mexico via youmademelikeyou.com

Isla Mujeres Mexico via youmademelikeyou.com

Isla Mujeres Mexico via youmademelikeyou.com

Isla Mujeres Mexico via youmademelikeyou.com

Isla Mujeres Mexico via youmademelikeyou.com

A few days after getting back from Japan (and the rest of our round the world adventure), I somehow packed another bag and got my tired/jet lagged self onto another flight – this time to Mexico. I hadn’t been back since my wedding about a year and a half ago and I was so excited to eat, go to the beach and, of course, see my family. The trip was supposed to be a few lazy tanning days but, in the end, it turned out to be more of an adventure (in a good way). It was no boys allowed – just seven women that flew into Cancun from all over for an amazing week.

Our first destination was the amazing Akalki Holistic Center in a place called Bacalar, about a 2.5 hour drive away from Cancun. The rooms are these beautiful little huts right on the turquoise water of the lagoon – you swim with the fish and possibly crocodiles, but they only come by at the crack of dawn so it’s perfectly safe (or so I was told, very casually, by the hotel staff).  The town of Bacalar is tiny – so tiny that you can’t check the weather on your iPhone and so tiny that the “wine shop” was a concrete room behind a garage door with four dusty wine bottles and some snacks. After we were done with the wine shop, it was just a snack store but the pizza place seemed to have some inventory because they actually came through and delivered amazing pizzas (an hour or two late but who was counting?) to the hotel.  We ate them under the stars and the giant moon right on our patio, hearing the fish splashing around underneath the dock and watching some huge birds swoop down into the water for their dinners in the dark.

After that, we took the ferry (which was kind of like a 20 minute mini party) to Isla Mujeres. I had been there once before but only to the beach for a few hours and this was nothing like I remembered. This is a small, super relaxed island with a beautiful beach, restaurants, shopping (crafts and Mexican things) and no huge hotels. When I go away, I try to keep the shopping to a minimum and buy only one or two really special things even though I want EVERYTHING. A good friend of mine once told me I was becoming a knick knack lady, and I hear his voice in my head every time I pick up a little chotchkie. This time, I limited myself to only a couple of things for my apartment (an embroidered pillow case and a shell) but wanted ALL the things (click the links below to shop).

Stephanie Kantis Jasper Pendant / One Kings Lane Serving Platter / Bucilla Embroidered Pillowcase / Madewell Cosmic Connection Ring / One Kings Lane Talavera Coffee Mugs / Dwell Studio Turtle Shell Paper Weight

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