Vogue Paris Inspiration

Vogue Paris, September 2014

Vogue Paris, September 2014

Vogue Paris, September 2014

I came home from Europe in October with a bag full of (very heavy) magazines. I was really excited to find a September issue of Vogue Paris at Orly Airport on my way back because it looked awesome and it may or may not have come with a free fashion week t-shirt…

Anyway, I’m always taken by whatever Vogue Paris I’m reading, but this one had all of these images that I actually  could not stop staring at – the styling is amazing and everything about these photographs is perfect. I held on to the magazine and look at the photos every so often but I figured that it was time to share them with all of you.  Also, this way, they’re on the internet right where I can find them in case I accidentally throw out the magazine in a fit of cleaning rage (which has been known to happen). Here are some things I’m thinking I need to own because of this Vogue (click the links below to shop):

Sarah Chloe Gold Signet Ring / Topshop Classic Fedora / ONE by SW3 Fringe Jacket / Frame Denim Le Grand Garçon Boyfriend Jeans / Gucci 60th Anniversary Loafer / J.Crew Striped Cotton Jersey Top 

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