The Journey to Tokyo

champagne bar at Cathay Pacific first class lounge, Hong Kong, via

Cathay Pacific first class via

Cathay Pacific first class via

For a second there I was really mad at Cathay Pacific. We boarded a flight from Singapore to Hong Kong and I slept for the whole time minus the last 15 mins during which I was playing games on my phone. I put it aside for landing and as soon as the seatbelt sign turned off, I grabbed my bag, and made a run for the door. We had a few hours in HK as it was only a stopover on the way to Tokyo, so we quickly cleared security, and made our way up to the lounge. It was surprisingly quiet, and it had only been about fifteen minutes since we left the plane, when I realized I didn’t have my phone. I dumped out the entire contents of my bag in the restaurant (like a crazy person) and ran to the front desk (like a crazy person), but as soon as I said “iPhone” the women helping me just looked at each other and then back at me like there was no hope. They sent someone to the plane to check my seat, Dan’s seat, and even security to make sure I didn’t leave it there (I didn’t, I can picture where I put it down on my armrest). It was gone forever. Then I had an epiphany and realized I had an iPad and a little thing called “find my iPhone” – I was super riled up and ready to go break someone’s knee caps, but then a tiny little detail foiled my plan… the locator doesn’t work if your phone is on AIRPLANE MODE.

Ok, this time it was really gone forever.

As you can imagine, I was freaking out and while photos were slowly but surely starting to appear on my photo stream, they didn’t all upload and videos don’t transfer over at all. After I was done changing all my passwords and discussing the “Brother Orange” story with some dude at the champagne bar, Dan got us a cabana so that we could just chill out. So started my renewed love for Cathay Pacific. The “cabana” literally has a giant tub, shower, day bed and all the products you need. Amazing. We left Singapore in the middle of the night so it was definitely welcome. As soon as we boarded the plane, my life had been totally flipped upside down and I didn’t even care that I had to now snap pictures on my iPad like a douche bag.

I had never, in my life, been happy about a delay on a flight… until that day. I was sad that the flight we were about to take was so short because the plane and service were so amazing but then, the announcements started, as did the champagne.

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One thought on “The Journey to Tokyo

  1. Seriously jealous of your travel style, not only your outfit but flying first class and tucking into a “cabana” between your hops. You just inspired my new life goals.

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