Simple Delights

Vintage Kimono via

This bright and beautiful little number is a vintage kimono I picked up in Japan. I wanted to buy something special and more substantial than all the stationary and random cute things I had been filling my suitcase with, but I had no idea what to get as a memento of our trip until we got to Kyoto, and saw all these beautiful little shops selling vintage pieces. There were several of these lovely stores lining the Philosopher’s Walk (a storybook-like pedestrian path that follows a cherry-tree-lined canal), and while they were all tiny, they were filled to the brim with vintage kimonos in all sizes, materials and patterns. I initially picked out the one I got because it was longer than the others and poked out from the bottom of the rack. When I tried it on, I fell in love with the pattern, gold embellishments and the overall vintage feel of the whole piece.

Picking mine out was quick and dirty, otherwise, I would never have been able to make up my mind. If you looked hard enough, there was also something for just about every budget, and I’ll never forget the incredibly luxurious black silk kimono with gold embellishment and scarlet embroidery that I definitely couldn’t afford to take home. I wear mine as a robe at home, but had I gotten one in a pattern that was just a tiny bit different or just a bit more toned down, I would take it out and wear it over my favorite pair of cut-offs and a white tee.  Oh well,  I just couldn’t resist the crazy bright colors and crazy retro 70’s pattern.

Here are some other lovely kimonos to wear inside or out (click the links below to shop):

Etro Long-Sleeve Kimono Athena Procopiou The Mediterraneo kimonoAnna Sui Embroidered Kimono Band of Gypsies Long Floral Print Kimono Sea Tile Paisley silk kimonoH&M – Patterned Kimono


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