First Saturday 2015

Beauty & Essex, New York, via

I’ve never really been one for new year’s resolutions but this year, I seem to be in a more positive frame of mind than in the past. I gave myself an extra hard pat on the back for making it to Pilates this morning (9:00am whaaat!) and I’m definitely making the most of this first weekend of the new year, starting with good food and good friends at Beauty & Essex.

Beauty & Essex, New York, via

Jewelry from India via

A friend of mine just came back from an adventure in India and brought me these amazing and beautiful gifts! I can’t wait to wear them. I’m hoping to make it over to her place to check out her entire haul.

OOTD at The New Museum, New York, via youmademelikeyou.comOOTD at The New Museum, New York, via youmademelikeyou.comOOTD at The New Museum, New York, via

I FINALLY got a pair of Stan Smiths – thank you Holt Renfrew for having them on sale (muaahahahaha)

Chris Ofili: Night and Day at The New Museum, New York via

Chris Ofili: Night and Day at The New Museum, New York via

Chris Ofili: Night and Day at The New Museum was packed on this rainy Saturday. Luckily, the New Museum Store wasn’t too crowded… I could stand there and look through books for hours.

New Museum Store, New York, via

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August Travel Diary Pt2 – Argentina and Uruguay

La Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Another great thing about Buenos Aires is that you can take a comfy boat (fully equipped with a cafe and duty free shopping) over to Uruguay.  We took the Buquebus to the lovely Colonia del Sacramento for a relaxing day of sightseeing, delicious food/wine/coffee and a historic tour.  As a bonus, you can get American dollars from the ATM machines to exchange back in Buenos Aires.

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Around Town – Toronto Alleyways

street art in Toronto via

I managed to keep my trip home to Toronto (more or less) on the DL because I wanted to surprise my dad for Father’s Day 🙂 True to form, my sister and I ended up hanging around (drinking mini frappuccinos in an alley) and losing track of time while we were supposed to be setting up for the Father’s Day surprise.  It all worked out in the end – we had more time than we thought before my parents arrived thanks to our friends construction and traffic.

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Out in Public – Rainy Evening

Rainy day outfit via Madewell Jeans, Club Monaco blazer

Guessss whaaat… it’s art fair time again! A few months ago it was Armory Week and now, it’s Frieze Week – and although there are even more fairs going on now than before, I have to say, people seem less excited and I’m really not feeling the buzz like I did during The Armory Show. Still, there is a lot to see and even when it’s gross and rainy, you can’t look too homeless and your shoes have to stand up to water and not break your feet walking around all day. It’s getting warm enough that the actual rain coat is optional (although I tend to still smush it up and carry it around in my bag just in case).  Anyway, see my Friday outfit below and stay tuned for eye catchers from the fairs!

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Around Town – Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa via

Just a few photos of wandering around and exploring amazing Cape Town.  It is such a beautiful place that it was hard to actually put down the camera because I wanted to capture every single thing.  I do however, have a couple of bones to pick with the city –  the first is that everything (except for the bars) closes at 5:00pm, no joke! The second is that it is squeaky clean (!!) which, I know sounds really strange but from what I had read online (like THIS), I expected to see a lot more graffiti and street art.  I guess the police must really be cracking down because I also saw a homeless man get TOLD just for sitting around.  My next few weeks will also be spent at the gym … we walked a lot but you’ll see from the photos that we basically did a restaurant tour of South Africa.  The food was AMAZING and the wine is just  a whole other story (enter Pinotage, the new love of my life).

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