Hello Tokyo! (pt 2)

Tokyo Japan via youmademelikeyou.com

Tokyo Imperial Palace, Japan  via youmadmelikeyou.com

Honey Toast in Akihabara Tokyo, Japan via youmademelikeyou.com

Shibuya Tokyo Japan via youmademelikeyou.com

Tokyo, Japan supermarket via youmademelikeyou.com

Tokyo, Japan supermarket via youmademelikeyou.com

Park Hyatt Hotel Tokyo Japan via youmademelikeyou.com

New York Grill at the Park Hyatt Hotel Tokyo Japan via youmademelikeyou.com

Park Hyatt Hotel Tokyo Japan via youmademelikeyou.com

A couple of nights after we arrived at the Park Hyatt, we finally sat down to watch Lost in Translation because I had to see this movie everyone kept mentioning to me. Aside from it being a very entertaining couple of hours, it was uncanny to watch Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson stroll around in the same spots we had been standing in minutes ago – no wonder the hotel became so famous. Of course, it made us want to go up to  the New York Grill, so we chilled out, listened to jazz, and had cocktails that were all very interesting takes on classic western drinks. Also, every hotel we stayed in had an amazing pool and fitness center and while we had the BEST of intentions, we were always so pooped from walking around for at least 12 hours every day that we definitely never made it to any of them.

We did, however, manage to eat.. a lot. I knew I was going to learn to appreciate all different kinds of foods that I had likely never even heard of but I didn’t expect to love everything so much. Beyond just the taste of the food, it was the presentation that fascinated me – every detail was done with so much care that I often felt bad digging in (ok, not THAT bad, but I definitely took a lot of pictures of food). Even the food in the grocery store blew my mind with all the beautiful and tasty looking prepared dishes and stand-out produce (yes, produce). Small fruits like strawberries are INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED as are certain greens and best of all, the tomatoes are all perfectly round and shiny, not to mention separated by color and size.

So once we had run around (most of) Tokyo, seen the sights and hung out with family and friends it was time to move on. We were headed into the mountains for an unforgettable experience at a Ryokan and the art museum that blew my mind.

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